All range of applications


SG Projects can cover the whole range of Ultrafiltration applications, from process water to high TSS UF, Submerged MBR and Tubular MBR.

We can cope with all challenges in the UF products area.

With an eye to Nanofiltration, of course.


PENTAIR In-Out Ultrafiltration

The Pentair UF is a PES made Ultrafiltration, with In-Out flow. It is the optimal pretreatment solution.

This allow for a great mechanical resistance and limit the risks of fiber damages which is frequent in the Out-In applications.

Pentair UF is the optimum solution for low TSS applications, as a pretreatment for Reverse Osmosis or other processes. Sea Water is a common application too, with a variety of products to cover all process needs.


MEMSTAR Out-In Ultrafiltration

Memstar TIPS and NIPS PVDF UF modules are the optimal product for high TSS and aggressive fluids applications. TIPS and NIPS PVDF has superior mechanical properties, together with higher chemical resistance to Chlorine and Caustic.

Memstar also provides high surface modules which are a plus when the high TSS is a challenge.


PENTAIR Tubular External MBR

Tubular membranes, in the Cross Flow or Dead End operational mode, are the optimal solution for all non-municipal waste water, where the low sludge separability is a challenge with submerged MBR.

Pentair membrane’s are PVDF made and equipped with an Helix patented shape to enhance the inner turbulence and hence the membranes’ surface cleaning.

Ranging from textile to landfill leachate, there are no unaffordable challenges by using tubular membranes.



Memstar TIPS and NIPS PVDF membranes can handle TSS up to 300 mg/l and have high chlorine and caustic tolerance, which enhance the chemical cleaning ranges and hence the application ranges.

Those membranes can handle municipal waste water as well as a mix of industrial and municipale waste water, as well as highly concentrated active sludges for some industrial application.