Our Products

Energy Recovery Devices

The most efficient solutions for Energy Recovery

SG Projects, with largest process equipment portfolio can provide the widest process support to its Clients having certified quality products and high commercial competitiveness for the water treatment sector.

All our suppliers meet ISO requirements; we periodically audit both products and the production sites, ensuring to our customers highest quality standards. 

Our portfolio :

  • 3M: high flow filters and pretreatment filters.
  • Liqui-cel (3M): Contactor membranes for the control of gases dissolved in liquids;
  • Pentair: UF / MBR membranes;
  • Akkim: UF membranes (Out-In);
  • Codeline: Pressure vessel;
  • Fluytec: Static mixers, GRP filters, cartridge and self-cleaning filters;
  • Likuid: Ceramic Membranes;
  • RO Membranes: Membranes for Reverse Osmosis;
  • Mega: EDI for demi water production;
  • Mega: EDR for product concentration;
  • MegaTec: Membranes for cataphoresis painting and UFs for cataphoresis applications;
  • Piedmont: Complete range of flexible joints (couplings) and seals for membrane system;
  • PWT: Chemical products for antiscalant and washing of membranes;
  • Samyang: Resins for ion exchange.