Filter housings, ROPVs & Couplings

All accessories to fit our products in

Mechanical Components And Accessories

SG Projects is supplying all mechanical equipment required to fit filters and membranes.

Those include Filter Housings and Reverse Osmosis Pressure Vessels, together with Flexible Couplings and High Pressure Plug Valves.

All Brands, for Water and Process

FLUYTEC - Filter Housings & Static Mixers

SG Projects distributes Filter Housings in FRP and Stainless Materials.
FRP is the most suitable material for Sea Water and Aggressive Fluids.
SS is normally used on Brackish Water and Food & Beverage and Pharma.
Fluytec also provide FRP Made Static Mixers.

All Brands, for Water and Process

CODELINE - Reverse Osmosis Pressure Vessels

Codeline ROPVs are one of the most experienced Reverse Osmosis Pressure Vessels Manufacturer.
Pressure vessels can be supplied in 4″ and 8″ sizes and up to 8 modules per vessels.
Pressure rating is up to 1200 Psi.

All Brands, for Water and Process

PIEDMONT - Flexible Couplings

Flexible Couplings are the common way to fit on UF and RO Systems.
SG Projects is distributing Piedmont Couplings, in 316 SS, Duplex, Super Duplex and Thermoplastic materials.
SG Projects is doing special lining and customization for the Oil & Gas market, including special testing.

All Brands, for Water and Process

ARFLU - Plug Valves

SG Projects is distributing the Arflu Plug Valves, which are the most used isolating and regulation valves for the High Pressure piping in the Sea Water Reverse Osmosis.
Plug Valves are available in Duplex and Super Duplex materials, with BW, Grooved or flanged connections.