All options for demineralization and polishing

Electro-demineralization and Ion Exchange

SG Projects can provide all option for demineralization, ranging from Anion Exchange and Polishing to EDI and EDR.

The range of products we can offer is suitable for all application, including Pharma and Food & Beverage.

EDR is also an economical process for ZLD concentration upstream of evaporation.


Ion Exchange Resins and Absorber

SG Projects is supplying the widest range of Ion Exchange Resins and Absorber / Chelating Resins, to fulfill the most stringent requirements and the highest product quality.



Electro-Deionization is a compact, green and efficient solution to replace Mixed Beds wherever the chemical wastes coming from the regeneration are an issue to manage.
EDI has also become a very common technology in water softening and WFI Pharma application.



Electro-Deionization Reversal is essentially used to concentrate a fluid and to dispose the cleaned water.
The concentrate can be a process fluid in the Food & Beverage market or a waste to be concentrated upstream od evaporation. This ZLD application is the most economical way to save energy by reducing the volume sent to evaporation.